About Me

It all started with a dream…a dream to never let those college years die.  So naturally I decided what better way to make sure I stay in touch with my beloved University than to make sure I tailgated every home game.  So in 2009, for the Texas vs Alabama championship game, I hosted my first tailgate and was hooked, ever since…University Tailgaters was born.

For the next few years, fall Saturdays were filled with Football, Booze, and BBQ. That is until the little one (Baby Frankie) was born.  Not sure how it will affect things, but I am determined to keep calm and tailgate on…with the little one by my side of course.  So here’s to the new challenges life brings.

This site will be dedicated to sharing my various passions with a focus on tailgating of course…but we can’t tailgate 24/7…thats just gluttonous!